Look who I just interviewed. Yup, it’s Katrina Ruth! She’s is a writer, a messenger, a crazy creator like me, she is the host of the Katrina Ruth Show and from this has become a Self-Made Multi-Millionaire. But that’s not the best bit…

She’s honest, authentic and walks her talk. She will help you find who you are – and then become it. Basically, she’s just an all-around epic human.

This episode of the High Class Hippie Show is going to…

~Open your mind to what’s possible for you.

~Show you how to tune into your passion and purpose.

~Give you an insight into the lives of crazy creators like us and how you have to be dedicated to your craft and do the work.

AND… So much more!

Check it out now on Podcast or YouTube and then get some of Kat’s Magnatising Power into your life on her new program launching on Monday.


And if you invest in yourself by purchasing Kat’s course I will gift you for free my “7 Days to a Sexier You”

Get amoungst it now!!

See you there.

Hugs, Michelle xx

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