Hey!! Happy Friday and welcome to this week’s Podcast. I am fascinated by the spiritual parts of being human. The things we can see. The things we can’t logically make sense of. The things that we can only feel and sense and know in our heart to be true.

I believe Psychic abilities lay within us all, it is just that it lays dormant inside most of us and as the global spiritual awakening continues to unfold we will find more and more people connect to this superpower within.

Today I am talking to a dear friend and spiritually connected Psychic Caroline Jaana. She has the energy of a little fairy or pixie while still holding a strong sense of NO BS, let’s cut through the crap and get to the core of the issues in life.

I Love the paradox!

Have a listen and get ready to have your awareness opened with specific ways to connect in with yourself and a simple way to manifest all that you need in your life that is in alignment with your souls calling and resonates with the greater good.

If you would like to book in a reading with Caroline you can do so by messaging her here:

If you book a 1-hour session by the end of Jan 2019 I will gift you my 7-day online program “7 Days to a Sexier You” connecting you in all areas of body, mind, and soul. Just reply to this email once you have booked and I will hook you up!

Have the most magical weekend and I will see you back here in your inbox on Monday or a kick start to your week with my weekly blog 🙂

Hugs, Michelle xx

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