Welcome to this week’s PodCast!

Today I am talking to Victoria Jennings about the current education system and how she is leading a change in the younger generations way of being taught so that it caters more to each child’s genius zone!

You can also find your Genius zone with her unique and empowering Talent profile tool!

Listen to the pod then click on the link below to take the test and find out your profile today. It is a total game changer in life, relationships, and business.

Victoria Jennings is the Director and Founder of Dynamic Academy and IPS Institute. She brings over 25 years’ experience in adult education, learning, and development in the Technical and Further Education sector, schools, government departments, and various Industry Skills Councils. She has lectured at university in undergraduate and post‐graduate adult education programs and has become a very successful entrepreneur in this field launching her first company in 1998.

She is one smart cookie!!

Hugs, Michelle xx

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