Happy New Year Beautiful!!

This week’s podcast is all about setting your Excitement Targets!! Listen or read it below and set yourself up for an amazing 2019!!

I have been totes MIA for the last 2 weeks and loving it! We all need our ‘off the grid’ time, even digital media geeks like me 🙂

But now I’m back into it with itchy feet ready to rock 2019!!

I have set my #ExcitementTargets (pimped my goals) for this year!
And OMG it is going to be amazing!

I’m starting my year off with a full on 5-day water cleanse and dedication to my morning routine. Much needed after many a wine spritz days in the sun on the boat cruising the Hauraki Gulf and the Coromandel Peninsula…

AND a kick-ass NYE Party with many old friends including the best party planner in NZ, Adam Bennett with HighLife Events.

This year I have trips planned to London, New Zealand for the arrival of my new niece (super pumped about that one!) and trips to other places around Australia and the world!🌏 Yippee!!

My career/lifestyle goals are always the main focus and I have lots of things to look forward to on that front with I hope to inspire and ignite your dreams and desires with epic content, amazing interviews with inspirational leaders and every now and then a good rant to kick us all up the but and keep us on track to achieving all we desire in life. ✨🙏🏼✨

Reviewing these Excitement Targets annually and revisiting them often has had an amazing impact on my life.

The proof is in my last year of amazing events that played out in my life, people I met, trips I went on and laughter even through the tough times.

If you haven’t done your Excitement Targets yet, here is what I base mine on every year:

✔️It is a Non-Negotiable to have #FUN!✨
✔️I must have a #VISION that is inspiring enough to excite me.😆
✔️My #REASONS are strong enough to pull me through the challenging times.💪🏼
✔️I #REVIEW them regularly as part of my #MorningRoutine.☀️

I try to be as specific as I can with still leaving room for creation to breathe through me and flexibility in my life. I separate them into a few different topics so I can then plan them out throughout the year so they reduce down to bit size pieces that are manageable to implement on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Here are my categories:

🙏🏼Spirituality/Personal Development
🎉FUN / Adventure / Travel
🏄🏽Healthy and Fitness

I list everything I want in each area.

Life is all about #Enjoyment, #Love, #Laughter, #Growth ✨ So I make sure I get a little bit (or a lot) of all of these!

Once I have got everything out of my head and onto paper I can organise it into what I am going to do when.

Once I have planned out each major event in each month I break it down into weeks so I know what I have to do to achieve each thing.

Now let me just stop right there and say that even though I plan all this out I am not actually the most organised person… FAR FROM IT ACTUALLY!! But what this does give me is a guide to start from and the\n my life just kind of happens around it. Mounding it into the most perfect sculpture by the end of the year, usually with many more magical moments that I couldn’t even dream of doing. So I do just love letting life in as it comes as well as planning.

When you look back on 2019, make sure it was one heck of a wild fun ride!

✨You say yes to positive abundance.
✨You say yes to exciting adventures.
✨You wake up each day loving your life.
✨You trust that everything you need is coming to you.
✨You happily take daily action towards your dreams and desires.
✨You surround yourself with empowering people who uplift you.
✨You Love, Laugh and Grow!

I’m writing this on the day that my Mum passed away 10 years ago today. Each year this day brings heat ache and tears but more importantly, it reminds me of an amazing woman and all she taught me.

To live life to the full.

To embrace every day as if it were your last.

To be nice, be kind and be happy, which is what my she would say every day as she dropped me off at the school gates.

This morning I sat on the very bow of our boat and one by one I threw about 50 flowers into the water, each time saying one thing I was grateful for about her and I sat in silence in memory of her as the flowers hit the water and floated away.

I wrote her a letter, then piece by piece the letter floated away…. preparing me for the day ahead and to jump head first into 2019 as I head back to the sunny Gold Coast this evening. As the sun rose over the hills of Waikeke I geared myself up for another amazing year on this beautiful planet. Whatever it may bring, I’m ready for ya!

Time to jump on into 2019 and Let’s rock it!!🌟🌏🌟🎉 Yeeeoooww!!

If you are ready to make 2019 your best year yet then try writing out your Excitement targets too.

Then you can take it one step further like I do and record them as a voice memo so you can listen to them on a regular occasion. I often do this when I am out walking or at the gym.

I also record them from the point of view of already achieving them. Like what you would say if you were giving yourself praise or gratitude for what you have achieved of you were reflecting on the year past.

This is one of my manifestation tools that works REALLY well. If you can already see yourself having achieved something you are that much closer to actually doing so.

As they say, if you can #DREAM it you can #ACHIEVE it! So see it as already done.

Good Luck! Let’s Do This!!

Hugs, Michelle xx

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