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The 3 Ways You Know You Have “The Guilt of Privilege” and What To Do About It

Sometimes I do this weird thing where I have to give myself the experience of not having enough so I can fit in and be smart with my money. It’s the lack mentality of the mass consciousness.

Why do I do this?

Well, I look at my life, then I see most of the rest of the world and so many people suffering and struggling and it makes me so so sad. I want everyone to have what I have.

Does this resonate with you?

I have enough. I always have and I always will. It is just the way I am wired, and the family, and belief systems I was born into.

So the story is already written but I still give myself this experience??!

You might relate to this if you live a ‘privileged life’. First of all, let’s define privilege. The dictionary defines it as belonging to a class that enjoys special privileges… favored… the privileged few.

I define it as being able to do what I want when I want. Being financially free to live in a beautiful environment and eat clean organic food. Living a life of positive abundance. Earning, spending and investing wisely and having the time to look after my health.

So, back to this weird experience of not having enough. Why do I do this to myself?

(Caveat: I want to start with all the external things like it’s not my fault but now I catch myself, I’m going to start with me.)

Here are my 3 reasons and see if you also have “The Guilt of Privilege”:

1. I always strive to earn more that I spend. It freaks me out when my outgoings are more than my income. After discovering through my money management systems that I am spending more than I am earning, I got to stop my financial hemorrhaging and find myself in a place where I pull back. I reduce all my bills and outgoings and I push the reset button. Leaving me in a place where I can’t buy some of the things I would usually not give a second thought of when buying. Even though I have the money, I find myself saying “I can’t afford it right now!” Which is a total Lack Mentality! Or is it just smart money management? Hmmmmm.

2. I’m afraid that if people know I live a privileged life, all they’ll do is take and expect me to cover all the bills. Which is a common theme in my life and the lives of the people I surround myself with who also live a ‘privileged life’. I had a friend say to me once, “Isn’t it stupid that we stay locked up in our million dollar houses through fear of being taken advantage of?” We both laughed at the “sad” existence of our privileged lives. And really, what a paradox it is that people strive for this but it also comes with things that you never expect to feel

3. The other thing that comes up for me that you might also notice within yourself is that I don’t want people to think I have nothing when I cut back on all my expenses, but I also don’t want people to know what I do have. I know it’s such an ambivalent feeling but it’s the delicate balance that challenges me.

So what can you do about it if you also realise that you have “The Guilt of Privilege”?

Here’s what I do: I cry, I breathe, and I drink organic wine. Haha, just kidding! Well, actually, no I’m not. LOL!

So after that stage of release, I do something more productive and effective:

I make sure my dashboard is up to date and all my finances are in order.

I know for a fact that I tend to feel the effects of the guilt of privilege when I don’t actually have a handle on things. Because that is where I find most people are at. Most people are living week to week and pay very little attention to their income and outgoings, so they never get ahead. This is where that anxiety and fanaticism comes in. So firstly. I get really clear on my present state so I can spend more wisely and see the light at the end of the tunnel of progress back to positive abundance.

I surround myself with uplifting people who are optimistic and positive.

It’s simple! High vibe people support you in vibing higher yourself! Sometimes I crawl into my fear hole of security. So I know then that I have to choose wisely who I surround myself with and push myself to make the call and catch up with them.

Make a plan of action.

When I have a plan of action and something that is in an orderly fashion to strive for, it makes me feel more secure, focused and on point. Bringing me back to the excitement of living a privileged life, instead of the guilt of it.

So all you amazing, privileged, fabulous people, let’s all rise together, live within our means and rock it in this amazing life of luxury! Where it is OK to receive, it is OK to have, and it is OK to be positively, emotionally, financially and physically abundant!!!

Rock On. Shine your light.


One Response to The 3 Ways You Know You Have “The Guilt of Privilege” and What To Do About It

  1. Hi Michelle, very interesting.
    Coming from Scandinavia and living in a wealthy part of the world I’m also privileged and live an abundant life if measured by experience and people in my life.
    I certainly think that there is a guilt of privilege however that is nothing compared to the guilt and shame of poverty.
    I bought into spiritual bypassing and religious beliefs in my youth and then examining how the banking system works fractional reserve banking etc I’ve developed quite a negative view of the world.
    I also feel genuine guilt of not handling money very well.
    I would like to develop an abundance mindset.

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