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Soul Reconnection

Ho-ly-Shit! Has anyone else ever had a Multi Dimensional Soul Healing session?

Well I did this recently and wow, what do I have to say about it….besides holy shit! What an amazing experience…

Hear me out…

Some of the most woowoo stuff I do I believe is the ‘real work’ the soul work and the work that connects you to your true purpose and passion. It chips away all that isn’t you like chipping away coal around a bright sparkling diamond to reveal its purity and shining light.

Soul connection work can mean the difference between living a life in radical alignment, on purpose and having control of your own destiny by manifesting what ever the hell you want, when ever the hell you want it!

That’s why I do this work, to stay aligned, to stay on track and sharing my passion everyday.

It cuts out the bull shit, the baggage and the things that you are carrying that sometimes you don’t even know you are carrying from the past, this life, past lives, and even multi dimensional lives…

Sounds a little crazy huh, well crazy till its not, crazy till it works, crazy till you start doing this shit and your life just works then the people saying your crazy start to ask what you are doing and you just don’t seem so crazy anymore…

I do this work to connect to the part of me that is infinite, to honour that part of me and know that when I pay that part attention my life seems to shift in radical ways, like RADICAL ways.

So what exactly is a Multi Dimensional Soul Healing session?

Well if you have ever hear of Abraham / Esther Hicks, (if not You Tube her) its like having someone like that who lets entities speak and flow through them and the wisdom and information that comes through is in direct relation to you and your souls journey.

Pretty cool huh. In my session many things came through, many things that the practitioner would not have known about me, many things that I only know about myself because I FEEL the connection and my body responds in goose bumps.

Many different entities came through to heal aspects of myself that needed attention and others came through to give me guidance, some were just there to let me know they were there to give me comfort and support.

Well, what a ride, a few hours later, I open my eyes and I’m back, in this time and space, in this body and feeling ready to take on the world. I felt clearer and more focused and these effects continued on much after the session and still up till today.

Anyone dedicated to having an exceptional life, wanting to get REALLY connected, find your purpose if you feel off track or just want to experience something out of this world exceptional, then I suggest you try something like this.

It really is an experience where you have to lay your skepticism at the door and pick that shit up on the way out, or actually, you might want to kick that to the curb and be sceptical of your skepticism sometimes.

I swear by soul work. I believe it is the pathway to success.

It is the pathway to achievement.

It is the pathway to acquiring all you desire in life.


It is the pathway to happiness in all aspects of life.

There is nothing more powerful than being connected to your soul.

Do the work.

Receive the benefits.

Anyone wanting to do this I can highly recommend Chanelle O’hare just message her and ask for a booking link. Her healing centre is in Mermaid Beach. This is one gifted chick!

Check out her facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/cohare1

Michelle xx

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  1. Ana

    Does Chanelle O’hare have a website?

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