“I would like to thank and recommend the services of Michelle because she has gifted me the freedom to put myself first. Her zest for life is contagious and her gentle manner guided me to open doors I never knew where there. Thank you Michelle for holding space for me to have those “a-haarh” moments. I would recommend Michelle’s services for any women wanting to open up a little more and get more out of life. Those women who want to get rid of some blockages to move forward in their lives and business’s. Working on yourself is ALWAYS a good investment and with Michelle it makes it just that bit more sparkly. Thank you.”

~Anne-Maree Hopkinson | Beautiful Nest


“Michelle is 100% heart centered, walks her talk with true integrity, and is a real light in this world. Many women look up to Michelle, as her approach is about integrating business and lifestyle, and her style is immaculate. Having worked closely with Michelle, my life has changed and I have no doubt she will help many other’s step into their true power.”

~Tegan Dunn | Wellness Entrepreneur


“Michelle’s dedication and passion for what she does is enough alone to make her worth recommending! However she brings experience, enthusiasm and a very authentic skill set to her work that makes her effective at creating the deep and profound results for the people she works with.”

~Mason Taylor | Embody Health


“Working with Michelle is really what I need in times when I need guidance. Michelle has been able to uncover more mental blockages in 2 sessions than other avenues did in over 3 years. She is always has the right intuition what you actually need most at a given time. Always being sensitive as well as gently giving you that little nudge you might need to progress. I am very blessed to be able to work with her.”

~Marlies Loescher


“Michelle’s essence is contagious. From the minute we met I felt a part of me that had been dormant stirred. Michelle’s spiritual awareness and passion to weave hippiness into our modern unrelenting world is inspiring. But don’t be fooled by her beauty and kindness underneath is a sleek panther ready to strike into action. Thanks Michelle working with you has always been fun and has helped lift my personal journey of starting my business from fantasy into a reality..xxxooxxx”

~Victoria Herrmann


“Michelle is fresh, young, hot, healthy, oozes confidence and success. She’s interesting, fun, values being light and playful.”

~Sharon Williams


“You’re very determined and hard working. And you won’t take no for an answer and you don’t put up with bullshit. You’re also very upfront with people. No beating around the bush. You always give everything a try. You’re generous and outgoing, Sweet and kind. You always show courage and strength.”



“Kind with a seriously good heart is a way I would describe Michelle. She has been a strong, insightful voice for me for many years through many different battles. “The velvet hammer” She gets you what you want in life by helping you break through barriers. You know you have to stick to your word when you tell her you will action something! She helps you to believe in yourself and with Michelle’s guidance, you realise you can actually get what you want! Trust in Michelle, she will help you get to where you need to be.”

~Olivia De Tracy Gould