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Michelle has had the opportunity to speak in many areas around the world including Malaysia, Bali, Australia and New Zealand. Her passion for what she speaks about really shines through and inspires others to make positive changes in their lives. Michelle can be booked for corporate events, luncheons, fund raisers or multi-speaker events etc.

She will no doubt bring a fresh vibrant energy and promote positive change with new and interesting information that people can apply and take action on immediately.

Some of the topics Michelle speaks on are shown below:

LOOSE WEIGHT by knowing where your FOOD comes from

This presentation shares breakthrough tips proven to help women to lose weight fast where they need to most and keep it off for good. I have worked with many women supporting them in there road to loosing countless kilograms and transforming their body and life forever.

I do not believe in diets. This is a sustainable lifestyle and a path that every one of my clients has enjoyed. Of course there are emotional barriers to break through and these are what create lasting changes.

It is not just about the weight, it is about what comes with it, the negative self talk, lack of self worth and love, the ball and chain holding you back from reaching your true potential and even in some cases the depression.

You’ll see how these tips allows you to strategically eat the foods you crave most and still experience the slimmest, sexiest waistline of your life. Plus, you’ll also learn which common foods touted as healthy can make losing a single pound virtually impossible.

Before we go any further let me assure you this has nothing to do with silly exercise machines, cardio, restrictive or pre-packaged diets or whatever weird berry pill the diet industry is talking about these days. This is something completely different and you’re going to love it.

It is a full, easy to follow lifestyle system tailored to the individual. And best of all, you can start today. No tricks, no fads, no weight rebound effect. Just results.

Who it is for:

  • If you want to loose those unwanted love handles that don’t bring much love.
  • If you are someone who has had enough of the negative self talk in your head.
  • If you are someone who knows your health is holding you back from your full potential.
  • Or you are someone who is suck in a rut and knows that there is more for you.

Who it is not for:

  • Someone who is not dedicated to being the best that they can be.
  • Someone that prefers to be a victim to their circumstances.
  • People that are not willing to try something new, when all else fails.

3 STEPS To becoming the full expression of yourself.

Live in your heart, not in your head. Your heart has a nervous system of its own, a network of brain cells with over 40,000 neurones. Essentially, you can think with your heart. Your heart can independently process information and even make decisions. You know that instinctive feeling when you just know something? It just feels right…well that is your heart talking. Listen to it, it will lead you to your true path and a life you love.

Guide yourself from your heart, not from your head. Your heart is the place of united consciousness, where as the brain is the place of duality. You can see this with the separation of left and right brain, the heart is one. You may have noticed a shift in the worlds consciousness with more and more people living from the heart and making less decisions driven by the brain. This creates more unity in your life and in the world itself.

When you think from this place you have the ability to make decisions that move you closer to becoming the full expression of yourself. This is the happiest place a human can be, when they are living out their true purpose from a place of LOVE!

This talk presents 3 simple steps to guiding business people in the corporate environment, and individuals alike into higher level of infinite unity, purpose and prosperity.

Who it is for:

  • If you are someone who values learning cutting edge information to be able to ascend to a higher being in this lifetime.
  • If you are someone who knows there is more to life than what is presented to community on main stream media.
  • People who are dedicated to finding their purpose, loving life and being the best expression of themselves possible.

Who it is not for:

  • Those of you who are addicted to your TV, radio and magazines, and make all your decisions in life from this space.
  • People not willing to step into their heart and see the potential for this world that already exists.
  • Linear thinkers who are not willing to step outside this mind set.

8 PILLARS To a balanced life & meaningful existance.

There are 8 key areas of life that if paid attention to will create balance, harmony and happiness.

There are many amazing speakers out there and inspiring talks like that by 13 year old Logan La Plante on Ted Talk about creativity and the fundamentals of happiness. Also the talk he refers to by Sir Ken Robertson about how creativity gets beaten out of us by the school system. I believe this creativity is the root of what we base our lives around. Once this is lost, we find that we become lost and lack purpose.

The 8 Pillars to a balanced and meaningful life not only teaches listeners what the basics are of a balanced life, it also gives reference to how to rekindle your creativity and actually apply systems to your life to maintain this balance and have a real lust for life

Studies by Dr Roger Walsh show some insights into these principals and this talk will delve further into how to actually apply them.

Who is it for:

  • If your someone who wants to wake up in the morning full of happiness and gratitude for the day ahead.
  • If your someone who feels there is something missing and are searching for a full life and discovery of your purpose.
  • People who may have lost themselves in a relationship, a not so inspiring job or are just curious in bringing the creativity back to you.

Who it is not for:

  • People who are content walking to the beat of someone else’s drum.
  • Someone who consistently denies themselves of a better life.
  • Those who are not open to a lifestyle change.

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Lose weight by knowing where your food comes from
3 Steps to becoming the full expression of yourself
8 Pillars to a balanced life & meaningful existence
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