Push Play

Soul Reconnection

Ho-ly-Shit! Has anyone else ever had a Multi Dimensional Soul Healing session? Well I did this recently and wow, what do I have to say about it….besides holy shit! What an amazing experience… Hear me out… Some of the most ( Read More )

Quality Tribe Not Quantity

Hey hey, what’s up! Well confessions first… I have been totally MIA (Missing in action) Yup, confessed, I have been out having waaaaaayyyy too much fun and now I’m here to share the love again, and oh yeh baby, this ( Read More )

The 4AM Club

Join the 4am Club (For Cool Kids Only!) I have been doing a wee experiment for the last few weeks and getting up at 4am. Yes 4am!! Some may say I’m crazy, but don’t knock it till you try it! ( Read More )

It’s the little things!

It’s the Little things in life that make or break you. Getting out of your own way is the key to success. Letting the little things get in your way is the building blocks of failure! Getting on with things, ( Read More )

Your FTS Moment is your POWER

I love sleep but I wish I never had to sleep…… I am at my most creative at night because I am one of those people who gets distracted ALL The FRICKEN Time! Bloody shiny object syndrome! I am in ( Read More )

The Year of Seriously Powerful Delegation

This is the year of seriously powerful delegation! Collaboration – a win-win for everyone. It’s the ability of massively leveraging off each other’s skills. There are people who are way better than you or who can do many of the ( Read More )

2018 is your Lil Bitch!

OMG, it’s already February! Where the hell did January go? What are you going to do??? “Well you should feel really guilty because you have not taken action or stuck to your ‘New Year’s Resolutions’.” Now THAT’S such a load ( Read More )

The 3 Ways You Know You Have “The Guilt of Privilege” and What To Do About It

Sometimes I do this weird thing where I have to give myself the experience of not having enough so I can fit in and be smart with my money. It’s the lack mentality of the mass consciousness. Why do I ( Read More )

Finding Balance in the Busiest of Times

If you aren’t already in the know….. I founded my own retreat centre a year ago called Milada Sanctuary in Tallebudgera, Gold Coast. It’s one of the main reasons I haven’t been able to post as much useful content for ( Read More )

Become a Kick Arse Manifester

This topic of becoming a kick arse manifester is close to home… That’s because I manifest like a MoFo, and you can too!!! Okay, let’s pause a bit here, I may have said that previous line with a teeny hint ( Read More )

Preston Smiles – The Love Messenger

As promised, here is the awesome interview I did with Preston Smiles! It is such a joy to sit and chat with this wonderfully inspiring (and candid) human being who generously spent time with me to share his inspiring wisdom. ( Read More )

NO more Michelle Slayter!

Have you ever changed your name??? Well, I just did and OMG, what a massive undertaking!! It’s a big call to change your name and is something I have been wanting to do for many many months. Basically, with a ( Read More )

11 Hours on a Train

I have been on a train for 9 hours, I have 2 hours to go. It was an unexpected trip but one I must have needed. I didn’t know the duration of the trip till I was on the way ( Read More )

Managing a Full Life

If you have a full life like me you will know that the juggle is sometimes a struggle! So I wanted to share with you a few things that you can do to make life a little more manageable so ( Read More )

The Night I Arrived in Lima

I am coming to you from Peru this week and I wanted to share with you a profound dream I had the night I arrived in Lima. It will allow you to open your mind to your own potential and ( Read More )