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Become a Kick Arse Manifester

This topic of becoming a kick arse manifester is close to home…

That’s because I manifest like a MoFo, and you can too!!!

Okay, let’s pause a bit here, I may have said that previous line with a teeny hint of confidence but then that’s because there is truth to it. It feels lighter for me to talk about things that ring true for myself and sharing this to help out someone needing a little boost in this department is the least I can do.

One of my greatest passions is to see individuals be at their brightest and most inspired selves. I have literally seen for myself that when people are in their “zones” and grooving with their flow, magic happens! Their passions come alive and these get reflected as results in whatever endeavors they are committed to. For business owners and entrepreneurs, these result to better profits and a better ability to impact this planet positively.

In the last year, I’ve been privileged to connect with spectacular and amazing individuals who are committed to making their dreams a reality. People who are engaged to create more magic in their lives using the most magical tool of them all – themselves. People who are not afraid to manifest prosperity in their lives. They are not afraid to open their arms, reach out, and grab on to what the universe has on “standby” for them.

On standby?

We draw into our lives what we put out there. That includes our thoughts, emotions, and words. The universe’s vibrational energies work in such a way that they respond to what you let it know. That’s why our thoughts, emotions, and words are soooo precious. It creates a reaction to those you share it with, and it boomerangs back to you. Love creates love, just as fear creates fear, and on and on it goes… What’s comforting though is that the universe has our back. Know that you have what you need, no matter what you receive. So if you are unsure, just trust it. Welcome the calm that trusting brings. It makes life so much more simple, calm and fulfilling when you don’t even have to worry about anything. The universe has totally got your back.

Being mindful of this is not an easy thing to do, especially if you’ve had challenges in your life and this whole concept is just not familiar to you. A lot of factors are involved: your upbringing, your support system, the pain and hurt you’ve experienced, and if you do not genuinely feel gratitude in your life. A lot of people really need to go inwards and heal themselves first. If this mindset is altogether alien to you, you may even think that diving into it involves a certain re-calibration of your own being.

You’d think, alright, I’d go sit in silence on my meditation rug, sip my herbal tonics and really concentrate hard on what I want to happen for me, and that’s gonna be it. Of course not.

The first thing that one would usually be told is to manifest from a place of love and abundance. Many people find it vague. One way that can help contextualise this is to start with the opposite — understand first what your fears are and what things hold you back.

I found that what made me resist the inward flow of abundance in my life were my own fears. At first, it’s like I had to keep my internal dialogue of doom in check- “This is not gonna happen for me”, “This works for others but not for me”, “I’ve had enough”, “I’ve been blessed, what more can I possibly need?” I have to constantly think positive… to be positive.

Keeping that up was tiring!!!  I felt like I had to FORCE myself to be mindful. I could feel the struggle somewhere and the more I put effort into it, the more I felt that the whole thing is just not doable.

Until I realized that I had to genuinely get real with myself and face my shit. I had to go beyond the hurtful words that are taught to me. I had to rise above the limiting beliefs that are imposed to me by my environment and experiences. I had to stop nitpicking this whole process and stop approaching it in a methodical manner. Along the way, I found out that manifesting abundance is easier when I exist in inspiration.

So how do you become a kick arse manifester? 

“Be inspired.”

Sometimes when we are knowingly and calculatingly doing things, our fears and doubts creep in. Actions done in fear repel abundance while actions that are inspired, attract them. Perhaps this is the task in manifesting abundance that requires you the least effort to do…perhaps not. But if you genuinely acted on this, this single thing may just do the whole work for you. Inspiration makes us sometimes feel like superheroes!!! Things are easy, flow smoothly and sometimes you may feel as if all you had to do is be in the room and the magic will automatically happen.

That’s how powerful it is!

Now having said all that about how tiring it is to be always consciously mindful of your thoughts and actions, you may think I’m discounting the power of affirmations. Of course not! I love doing affirmations! Everyone else can go to the end of the earth doubting me but I will keep empowering myself with words that I know represent me. Affirmations have a positive vibe while being critical of yourself reeks of negativity. Affirmations do a fantastic job in helping you rewire your thinking and make that shift from doubt to confidence.

And since you are part of the universe, remember that you are energy too. So start using your energy to attract positive abundance. Remember, you are worthy of all the abundance this earthly world and beyond has to offer. Leave no more room for self-sabotage. Instead, create a room to accept abundance and prosperity in your life.

Know that while you maintain to be inspired, you are also an inspiration to others. You have a choice, and I hope that you choose to sprinkle your magical manifesting dust all around you and be gloriously infectious of love, kindness, and happiness…

Keep shining your bright light.


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  1. Ana

    Thank you so much Michelle this is truly ground breaking for me. This is great advice

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